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The Esperanto hymn

Author: Fi!

The Hope

Into the world came a new feeling,
through the world goes a powerful call;
by means of wings of a gentle wind
now let it fly from place to place.

Not to the sword thirsting for blood
does it draw the human family:
to the world eternally fighting
it promises sacred harmony.



Author: Fi!
Hamburger Polizeibeamte bei einer Festnahme, Hamburg 28. Mai 2007

Cento (eo) = Hundertschaft, Cento (de, en) = Parodie - Foto: Vanis - Wikimedia

  • Der fette Vogel bricht den Ast
  • Schlafende Kühe soll man nicht melken
  • Ho mia Or’
  • Better shave than thorny
  • Every Jack will find his pisshead

‘Cento’ en la germana kaj angla estas parodio speciala.
‘Cento’ means parody but in Esperanto it means ‘group of a hundred’.

Saluton! Hallo! Hello!

Author: admin

Kore bonvena ĉe la trilingva blogo ĉi tie!

Willkommen auf diesem dreisprachigen Blog!

Welcome to this trilingual blog!